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I Can't Login

Follow the instruction parttern for registration. Click and type your username in the first box provided and your password in the second box provided. Note

1.     That your username and password must be known to use in a way you can easily remember.

2.     That your typing case also matters e.g. Sentence case, title case, upper and lower cases. So take note of your typing and avoid error.

3.     Some areas in the forum are restricted as a result of users level, e.g. Users in the Silver level have limited access to Users in the Gold level of this forum.

3.     A forgotten user name and password would result to new ones (Username and Password).

Email Confirmation

After registration and membership, a confirmation message or mail will be recieved by the user via user's email address. in the case where a user has no email address, such user is limited the the activities of this forum.

Can't Post an Ad 

When a user finds it difficlt to load an ad, such user may have to resize this ad or the user is not legible to place such ad.

Ad not Showing

If a supposed ad does not show after an upload, there'd be need for the user to resize the picture to be uploaded.

Report an Ad 

If you find an ad not suitable for the public do not hesitate to report such and ad.


Safety Tips


Safety Advice 

 Report A Safety Issue

If you come across anything on that you think is inappropriate, illegal or just plain suspicious, report it to us. This will allow us to give you advice and take steps to protect others.

Report the details of any suspicious ads or emails by sending the details to and action will be taken as soonest.

What Happens With My Report?

Our dedicated Safety team looks at every report received as quickly as possible (within a few hours). We operate every day of the year, and do all we can to ensure offenders are prevented from using the site again.

If you’ve been a victim of crime, the first thing to do is to report it to the police. We can’t report a criminal offence to the police on your behalf, but we always assist the police in their investigations once you’ve reported it.

Okitter Safety 

1.     Please keep things local by meeting face to face to see and transact.

2.     Be careful of whom to Buy and Sell from / to.

3.     Beware of Money Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram etc. requests, they are not ment for sending money to people you do not know. Also watch out for a check overpayment where you will be asked to return back the over payment.

4.     Note your area of transaction. If the transaction seems too good to be true, please use your common sense.

5.      As a buyer, be sure of what you are about to purchase.

6.      Do not disclose your personality to a stranger.